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Chronic pain causes suffering in millions of Americans. Many people can alleviate their pain with appropriate intervention. Imagine what type of lifestyle they can have if their pain can be alleviated. The specialty of pain management (medicine) is concerned with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of painful disorders. There is unanimous agreement among experts that a careful assessment by a qualified physician, or pain specialist, is an essential component to an effective and practical management of pain. We offer services for multiple pain problems including disk(disc) issues, lower back pain, back painneck pain, hip pain, pinched nerve, nerve pain, degenerative disk disease, herniated disc, knee pain, slipped disk and shoulder pain.

We at Pain Specialty Consultants are committed to providing real solutions for pain management to greatly improve your quality of life... We understand that each patient has a unique problem. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation by a physician in a compassionate and professional environment.

Then after a thorough discussion with the patient, a plan of treatment is formulated. Our plan uses a very scientific approach. We believe in utilizing very conservative measures first. Therapy may include physical modalities, splints, neck collars, back braces, minimally invasive interventional pain management techniques and neuromodulation.

Our practice is patient centered. Our patients have peace in their minds that we will continue to look for innovative methods and use cutting edge technology to alleviate their pain. We work very closely with your doctors and other professionals to achieve the most optimum control of your pain. We strongly advocate non-narcotic means of relieving pain. We are an independent practice and our total loyalty is to our patients. We do not work for insurance companies or big corporations.

Our goals are to:

  • Decrease or eliminate pain
  • Improve your quality of life and productivity by improving your functionality
  • Decrease your reliance on health care resources

Why choose us?

  1. Patient First Attitude. Each patient is treated like family and not just a number.
  2. Working very closely with referring providers and providing them timely updates
  3. Ease of quick appointments
  4. Experience and Trust
  5. Holistic approach avoiding use of Narcotics
  6. All patients are seen by a Physician
  7. Total loyalty to patients
  8.  Excellent patient satisfaction
  9.  Why choose the rest if you can have the best

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  • "Great pain doc! He and his staff made me feel comfortable at Dr. visits. After two back injections, I feel a lot better and can function more than I have in a while. Thanks!"

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