Pinched Nerve

Understanding A Pinched Nerve in San Antonio, TX

The central nervous system is made up of our brain and spinal cord, but if you were to look at a chart of these systems, you’ll also be able to see all the nerves that branch out from the brain and spinal cord to send messages to other areas of the body. If you have a pinched nerve, sometimes referred to as nerve compression, you may notice pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right and shouldn’t be ignored.

Lower Back Pain

There are many issues that can cause a pinched nerve, whether it’s repetitive movements or staying in one position for too long. Nerve compression usually occurs when the nerve is pressed between tissues and bone, tendons or ligaments. A pinched nerve could be the reason you are experiencing neck pain or lower back pain. You may notice that the pain radiates to other areas of the body, as well.

For example, if you happen to have a pinched nerve in your neck you may also notice pain, numbness or other symptoms in your elbows, wrist or fingers. Over time, a pinched nerve can lead to other problems such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome. This is why it’s so important to treat a pinched nerve as soon as possible.

What To Do About Your Pinched Nerve

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