Lower Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain Treatment in San Antonio, TX

Lower back pain can develop from sitting and standing all day due to the strain it places on the muscles and ligaments of the lower back. Prolonged sitting or standing can cause the muscles to weaken and become fatigued, leading to poor posture and increased pressure on the spinal discs. This strain can induce inflammation, muscle spasms, and nerve compression, causing discomfort and pain.

The causes of Lower Back Pain can be quite varied. It could be caused by common problems with your spine such as:

Herniated Disc

If you are older, spinal discs and ligaments can become more prone to injury, even a sudden movement can cause the bones to pinch the cushioning tissue between them. Bad posture when lifting can put your spine in danger no matter your age. 


 Your San Antonio, TX, doctor may diagnose your lower back pain as being caused by compression of your sciatic nerve by a herniated disc. The symptoms of these can extend down to your legs and feet.


 A sprain or strain on your lower back can also result from sudden or unstable movements, although these can often be treated far less invasively, often with just rest and physical therapy.

Spine Conditions

 A number of different conditions can affect how your spine functions, including fibromyalgia, arthritis, and spondylosis, among others. Congenital spinal problems can also cause lower back pain.

Other Conditions

There are other health conditions not directly connected with your spine that can also cause what feels like lower back pain. There are some forms of cancer, kidney and bladder problems, pregnancy, and ovarian cysts, for example. 

Seek Lower Back Pain Treatment

If your lower back pain persists or worsens, seek treatment from Dr. Singh at Pain Specialty Consultants. Treatment includes physical therapy, medication, or other interventions depending on the cause and severity of your pain. Seeking treatment early on can prevent the pain from becoming chronic and affecting your daily life.

How To Prevent Lower Back Pain

Preventing lower back pain involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good posture. Exercise regularly to strengthen your core and back muscles. Practice good posture, whether sitting or standing, by keeping your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Use proper lifting techniques by bending your knees and keeping your back straight.

Avoid prolonged periods of sitting or standing, and take frequent breaks to stretch and move around. Maintain a healthy weight to reduce pressure on your back. Finally, seek medical attention if you experience persistent pain or discomfort in your lower back. Strengthening your core muscles and lower back can also help to support the spine and reduce the risk of injury.

Discover Your Treatment Options

Dr. Singh may discuss several things during your consultation regarding treatment options for lower back pain. First, he'll ask about the duration and severity of your pain and any accompanying symptoms. Then, he'll examine your back and perform tests to determine the root cause of the pain. Treatment options may include pain medications, physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, and in severe cases, surgery. Dr. Singh can discuss the pros and cons of each treatment option, potential risks, and benefits. He'll also consider your health and medical history before recommending a treatment plan. 

Please explore our website to learn about the conditions we treat and the services provided. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Prafulla Singh to discuss treatment for lower back pain in San Antonio, TX, call Pain Specialty Consultants at (210) 527-1166.

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