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Due to the immense pain I was having I came to Dr. Singh he was very kind and patient and understanding with me. He took his time and listened as I explained my symptoms. I was no longer living I was just existing. Dr Singh has treated me and after months of not being able to live my life normally and not being able to sleep I am so happy to say that he has given me my life back I will forever be grateful to him for all he has done for me. I highly recommend Dr. Singh.

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Extremely helpful and caring doctor. Takes time to go through your problem and explains everything.

I was diagnosed with a herniated disc with excruciating sciatic nerve pain. My primary care doctor sent me to physical therapy and gave me plenty of meds. When neither was offering relief, I was finally referred to Dr. SIngh. His staff (Amber) got me in for an appointment immediately and was scheduled for injections 5 days later. I got relief and was able to function within a few days. Dr. Singh was very thorough, very caring and professional. The surgical center and staff located in Stone Oak was top notch. I will highly recommend Dr. Singh and am so thankful I finally got to him.

After suffering for many years with neck and back pain, another doctor referred me to Dr. Singh. After all these years, I was finally correctly diagnosed and treated. I've been seeing him for 12 years. I take pain medication regularly and have occasional epidural injections. I chose not to have the extensive and risky neurosurgery that might fix my spine, and Dr. Singh is fine with my decision. I truly would have gone on suffering if not for him. I'm very grateful to him and his wonderful office staff.

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Best Doctor Ever
Dr. Singh was recommended by my spine MD and my dear friend. My friend said she calls him Dr. Pain-Free; I so agree. I had been in pain for over a year and simply miserable. Dr. Singh was the most understanding doctor I have had in years. I wish more doctors were like him.

I was in a great deal of pain and didn't want to become dependent of prescription drugs. My family doctor recommended Dr. Singh and after a visit that included a great deal of LISTENING on the part of the Dr. I was diagnosed and treated. No Drugs. A week later I don't even need Tylenol anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Singh if you want a drug free solution to your pain.

Excellent Doctor
After spending many years with back and neck pain, I was ready to give up. I had surgery and physical therapy that didn't improve the situation at all. Another doctor referred me to Dr. Singh. I had never heard of a pain specialist. I was finally correctly diagnosed after many years of suffering. Now I take proper medication to deal with my chronic pain as well as occasional procedures on an outpatient surgical basis as needed. It would be major neurosurgery to attempt to fix what's wrong with my spine. I chose not to go that route, and Dr. Singh is fine with my decision and doesn't try to push me into extensive surgery I don't want. I've been seeing him for 12 years now for pain management and couldn't be happier with the Dr and his office staff.

I have been seeing Dr. Singh since 2005 for chronic back pain. He has been a life saver. I get one to five shots in my spine and facet joints three to four times a year. It enables me to live a relatively normal life. I have seen seven other doctors and been through five different physical therapy regimes but Dr. Singh is the only one that has had significant success in helping me manage my pain.

Dr, Singh s a great doctor. I was very sick and I saw around six different doctors. They were telling me was menopause. My neurologist referred to him and he found out a problem in my back. He was very prescient with me. After this he referred me with a specialist

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