Exploring Treatment Options for Chronic Back Pain

Dealing with back pain can be difficult and can wreak havoc on your normal routine. You might find that pain can often be excruciating and interfere with your favorite activities. When pain lasts for several months, it’s considered chronic and can be difficult to treat. It’s important to talk to Dr. Prafulla Singh at Pain Specialty Consultants in San Antonio, TX, to discuss treatment options to deal with your chronic back pain.

Dealing with Chronic Back Pain

When you’re dealing with chronic back pain, you might be wondering what you can even do to help manage your pain. Dealing with pain on a daily basis can interfere with your life and even cause you to avoid big events or take extra days off work. It’s important to talk to your doctor in San Antonio, TX, about your back pain to find out what your treatment options might be.

If you’re dealing with severe pain, over-the-counter medications could help reduce pain. Your doctor may also prescribe pain relievers to ease your constant pain. They may also suggest certain stretches and exercises that you can perform on a daily basis to ease pain and build up muscle.

If you’re dealing with severe pain, your doctor might recommend surgery as an option. They’ll discuss the cause of your pain and how severe it is. With surgery, it’s important to discuss a recovery plan so that you can ensure you’re healing correctly and getting the results that both you and your doctor are looking for.

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