Herniated Disc - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Options

If you are suffering from recurring back and neck pain, as well as numbness in your limbs, one of the possible diagnoses for these symptoms, is a herniated disc. These can be common if you're older, as they and their surrounding ligaments can degenerate over time, and it becomes more likely that an injury can exacerbate them. Although the topic of a herniated disc is what's covered below, the above-mentioned symptoms could be attributed to a number of conditions, so to learn more you can always depend on your San Antonio, TX, pain doctor, Dr. Prafulla Singh of Pain Specialty Consultants.


Herniated discs can occur, typically, in the lower back, lumbar spine, and neck areas. Pain in these affected places is the most common symptom. Age and genetics can both make injuries more likely.

To diagnose a herniated disc, your San Antonio, TX, doctor can perform a physical exam and look over your medical history.

The physical exam usually entails checking for tenderness to find the cause of pain. They may test your reflexes, your strength, and mobility, as well as your ability to feel.

Imaging tests are also an important part of diagnosis, especially to rule out other possible causes and to confirm the exact location of your herniated disc.

Pain Management and Treatment

Treatment for a herniated disc can be primarily conservative and non-surgical. For minor cases, your doctor can suggest simply modifying your daily activities, especially those that cause pain.

Physical therapy can also be part of the treatment plan, both to help you heal and as a way to reduce pain.

Medication to manage pain symptoms can include over-the-counter pain medication, muscle relaxers, and neuropathic drugs that can have an effect on your nerve impulses as well as decrease pain. Only severe cases, or those that have not shown improvement by other means, may be prescribed surgery.

If you are having difficulty brought on by a herniated disc you can schedule a consultation in San Antonio, TX, with Dr. Singh of Pain Specialty Consultants by dialing (210) 904-3851.

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